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Quality Change Program

In an effort to promote learning and create the atmosphere needed for order in the classroom and high student achievement, the RVMS staff has incorporated a disciplinary procedure based on a color system.

Using the links to the left, you will find a detailed description of the 2 components the Quality Change Program is based on -- Behavior and Academics. There are also statistics found in the "Black Mark Data" link that show the effectiveness of our Academic Quality Change Program.

Parents can check on the status of their child's behavior and homework completion everyday by looking at their child's agenda book. This will give the parent(s) a quick and informal way from the teachers to communicate each day if there were any behavior or homework problems.

There are incentives built in by grade level team and schoolwide to reward quality behavior. At the completion of every grading period (9 weeks) homeroom teachers will forward a list of students who have achieved GREEN every day or no more than three YELLOWS (behavior) or three BLACKS (homework) to the administrators. These students will be eligible to attend the quarter reward trip for that respective quarter. Any student who received a Thursday School, Saturday School, ISS, or OSS will not be eligible.

Last Modified on May 13, 2009