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Quality Change Program

We at RVMS feel strongly that effective learning cannot be achieved until an atmosphere conducive to learning is created. This atmosphere is evident when teachers can instruct and students learn in an environment absent of distractions, disturbances, and friction. Good behavior is based on mutual respect and the rights of students to obtain a quality education. Students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner as to not infringe on the right of his fellow student to learn.

In an effort to promote learning and create the atmosphere needed for order in the classroom, the RVMS staff has incorporated disciplinary procedure in the chart below.


  1. Disrupting class (horseplay, excessive talking, talking out of turn)
  2. Failure to follow directions or pay attention in class
  3. Not Prepared for class; missing &/or no materials (this includes COMPLETE AGENDA BOOK, textbook, paper, pen/pencil for math, and whatever other materials teacher decides on for class)

Homeroom teachers will keep track of the students’ behavior per quarter. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s agenda book EVERYDAY to monitor their child’s behavior and homework completion. There are behavior incentives built into this program to reward students who model quality characteristics and behavior at RVMS.

The following are some examples of misconduct which will result in detentions.

  1. Rowdy behavior such as pushing, shoving, or throwing things.
  2. Possession of and/or chewing candy or gum.
  3. Classroom & Hallway safety issues (i.e. running in the halls, in class, etc.)
  4. Tardy to class. (one detention for every three tardies)
  5. Making noise or other disturbances in the halls.
  6. Public displays of affection.
  7. Wearing hats in the building. There may be special exceptions to this rule.
  8. Cheating of any kind.
  9. Any Classroom misbehavior that goes beyond the disciplinary color system.
  10. Any other action deemed inappropriate by the adult staff of RVMS.

All school rules and regulations apply to all students at all school-sponsored activities.