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Quality Change Program

Homework and High Expectations

We at RVMS pride ourselves on high student achievement. Student success in the classroom can only be achieved when instructional time is free of disruption and students are actively engaged in learning. An important component to being engaged in learning is the completion of daily homework assignments. In an effort to encourage the completion of homework and hold the students accountable, student will be given a color code each day, which represents whether they have completed home work assignments.

I. Why do homework?

  • Reinforce ideas or skills that were taught in the classrooms
  • Give additional time for class work that was not completed during the day
  • Give opportunities for independent exploration of topics of interest – projects, book reports, etc.
  • Check student level of mastery or understanding of a topic
  • Help students develop study skills, time management, & independent learning skills.
  • Create a link to what is happening in the classroom and the home

II. RVMS Homework Policy

  • Students receive a black mark in their agenda book if they miss an assignment or do not complete an assignment. Teachers will indicate in which class the homework was not completed.
  • Students who fail to satisfactorily complete homework in more than one class PER DAY will still have a black mark recorded for that class, but it will be recorded as only one black mark in the homebase teachers’ records.
  • 2 or more black marks in 1 week = Tuesday or Saturday School
  • Administrator makes phone call home and assigns the Tuesday or Saturday School
  • Students begin the start of each new week with NO black marks

III. What is Tuesday or Saturday School used for?

  • Tuesday School: Tuesday School is a time of intense study geared towards students who did not complete 2 or more homework assignments in 1 week (noted with a “black mark” in the student agenda book). Students assigned a Tuesday School will report to the middle school commons on the assigned date from 3 – 5:00 p.m. under the supervision of administration. Students will need to be picked up promptly at 5:00. Failure to serve a Tuesday School will result in a Saturday School and possibly further disciplinary action.
  • Saturday School: Saturday School is also a time of intense study. The Saturday School will be held on designated Saturdays from 8:15 – 11:15 a.m. at River Valley High School. The student is responsible for finding their own transportation. Failure to serve a Saturday School can result in an In School Suspension or further disciplinary action.
  • Complete late work that was due prior to the assignment of Thursday or Saturday School
  • Silent reading
  • Work on assignment that may be due in the future
  • Possible assigned OAT work from classroom teachers

IV. Successful Tips

  • Fill out homework due in your agenda book & take agenda home every night!
  • Check what you filled out with the teacher
  • Use Intervention time wisely
  • Check Powerschool to see if you have any “0’s” in the grade book